Monday, February 7, 2011

Darbar Palace of Darbhanga Maharaj.

Darbhangā is a city and a municipal corporation in and headquarters of Darbhanga district and Darbhanga Division in the state of Bihar,India.

There is controversy over its etymology. Some scholars say that the name originates from Dwar Banga or Dwar Vanga meaning "Gate of Bengal" as it was en route of the Bengal where some others argue that it got its name from Dwar Bhanga or "gates broken" (for gates of Hindu broken at Qilā Ghāt in 1326 AD when Tughlaq forces captured the last Hindu state in North India, ruled by Harisinghdeva).
The name of the district has been derived from its head quarter and principal town, which is said to have been founded by Darbhangi Khān, who was the Fauzdār or military head of Tughlaq forces stationed at Urdu (original meaning "cantonment"), later the title Darbhangi Khān was applied to his direct descendants. Darbhangā is having  Karna Kayasthas Maithil Brahmin &Yadavas in majority.
Erstwhile Maharaja of Darbhanga.

Photos of Darbhanga